Presenting MindPLAY, Hamilton's Premiere Mental Health Theatre Festival! MindPLAY is a 3-day festival taking place at the Staircase Cafe Theatre from May 26th-28th!  Two groups will take the stage for one evening and one matinee performance. 

Groups and Times


MindPLAY Group 1 – Friday at 7 PM, Saturday at 1 PM

You, Me, and Us Theatre presents "YellowZoned"

RFA presents "The Kid"

The Thompson Production Group presents "Stonewalled"

Notapom Productions presents "The Dark Days"

MindPLAY Group 2 – Saturday at 7 PM, Sunday at 1 PM

Squirrel Suit Productions presents "The ADHD Project"

Borderline Productions presents "BorderLine Me"

Transgendent King presents "Weal of Dysphoria"

Pink Wig Theatre Company presents "The Pink Elephant"

Kintsukuroi Productions presents "Slip, Knit, Purl"


The Carving presented by The Blethering Clype is a poem that will appear outside of a group on the Friday night and Sunday matinee performances.

Tickets are $25 for adults, $20 for students. Tickets on sale now at

Please note that accessible seating is limited. If you require accessible seating, please contact Red Pants Productions directly at (365) 777-1010 or