We’re excited to announce the 2019 Mind Play Theatre Festival line up! Mind Play Theatre Festival will take place on Friday May 31st and Saturday June 1st at the Staircase Cafe Theatre (27 Dundurn St. N, Hamilton) at 7 PM.

Tickets will be $20 for students and seniors, and $25 for adults, which will be available in advance online and through cash, debit (tap only), or credit at the door.

The 2019 festival will feature the following shows, and include a 20 minute intermission halfway through the performances.

Notapom Productions - And How Does That Make You Feel?
Lightbulb Heart - Karaoke Visiting Hour
Alia J Productions - Xiety Complex
Blethering Clype - Love, Loss, and the Shit in Between
Shannon MacKinnon - Dear Jason
Sarah O’Connor - Beep

We realize shows about mental health can be triggering, which is why we have a flag system in place. If you feel triggered, you are encouraged to raise a flag and one of our volunteers will escort you out of the performance, and stay with you as long as you need.

Online tickets for May 31st at 7 PM are available here.

Online tickets for June 1st at 7 PM are available here.