Jilted premiered as part of the 2017 Hamilton Fringe Festival at the Player's Guild of Hamilton.

Jilted tells the story of a girl named Sarah who thinks her boyfriend Josh was going to propose to her, but instead, he breaks up with her in the middle of a restaurant.  Sarah then ties Josh up and forces him to listen to a series of musical numbers about how terrible their relationship was, all while befriending two other restaurant patrons, Alexis and Heidi as they share their relationship woes... only to find out they must've been dreaming.

2017 Hamilton Fringe Festival Cast:

Carla Tancredi - Sarah

Allii Mariie - Maddy/Alexis

Karlie Starchuk - Heidi

Adam Bryan - Josh


Written and Directed by Adam Bryan

Music and Lyrics by Adam Bryan and Max Falletta-Ehler

Stage Manager: David Rundle

Assistant Stage Manager: Fraser Passmore