The story of a blowup doll, a robot baby, headgear, and a gaga lady.

Originally performed as part of the 2015 Hamilton Fringe Festival's Gallery Mini-Series, Homeschool Dropout is a show that documents Adam Bryan's return to public schooling.  The return happens after Bryan finds out he's no longer allergy to latex, an allergy which led to bullying in his earlier years.  The bullies don't stop when he returns to high school, but his attitude and ways of dealing with the bullies certainly has changed.

With the premiere of this production, Red Pants Productions launched the Red Pants Productions Scholarship Program.  $250 of the box office earnings from the Hamilton Fringe Festival went towards a scholarship in theatre education.  A partnership with Tracie's Place Restaurant and Karaoke also led to another scholarship for $350 being awarded for music education.