Adam Bryan decided to form Red Pants Productions with one thing in mind:  Helping find job opportunities for people in the arts.  

"There are so many artistic people out there with such incredible talents, but they just don't have certain options presented to them.  A lot of places are only looking for people with X many years of experience, but how can you get the experience if you're not willing to take a chance on someone new?" says Bryan.

Red Pants Productions originally started as just an opportunity for some of Bryan's friends to tell a story in which he believed in with "Behind Closed Doors", but it soon transcended into so much more.

"I said I wasn't going to do another show.  It was going to be Behind Closed Doors and that was it", says Bryan.  "Turns out, that wasn't the case.  If I could get such a great group of people working together on just one show, why can't I get a great group of people working together as a company?"

When Bryan saw a sign for leasing opportunities at one of his favourite spots in downtown Hamilton, he didn't just see the window sign, he saw a window of opportunity.  "The arts are so prevalent in Hamilton and the GTA, you can find local talent rosters for actors and musicians, but what about a roster for the people who help them do what they do?  The makeup artists, the photographers, the event promoters, the graphic designers, the hair stylists, the lighting and sound people, the event planners.  That's what we're lacking."  And that's exactly how Red Pants Productions as it stands today was formed.